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- MB - Catch This! - MB - Catch This!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

5 and 5 just because you're friends with Gritty.

How's that for some awesome?


Blue Sky Blue Sky

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is a fantastic track! I love the way it builds, swells and breaks so gracefully!

Let me just say that your choir soundfont is outstanding! If you had not mentioned it I would have expected it to be from a high-dollar VST without question. Many kudos on finding that!

Just a little suggestion, it is just a tad loud. Perhaps you could make that quick change and then this is a four and a half star track. I voted four and a half and not five because it's rather minimal.

Keep it up!

JJM121 responds:

Yeah, that soundfont is amazing. It pretty much solves my age old problem of not having very natural sounding choirs. And yeah, I couldn't expand on it much since I had so many other stuff going on at the same time irl. But thanks!

Who Will Save Your Soul Who Will Save Your Soul

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very impressive cover! As mentioned before, you could really use a better microphone. Depending on your budget, there are a few different microphones I would suggest.

Shure SM57 - Great for vocals, but can be used for instruments as well.
MXL 990/991 - These come in packages from places like Guitar Center, Musician's Friend, Sweetwater, etc. They'll run you about $100 or so.

If you're looking for higher end microphones, look into Blue mics. A highly praised mic is the Blue Bluebird, I've had the pleasure of recording my guitar with it and I've heard numerous vocalists use it in a professional setting, it has never been a disappointment. Unfortunately, that'll run you about $300, not including the interface you'll need in order to actually use the thing.

All total you could be looking at anywhere from $200 to $500, depending on how much you're willing to spend in order to get a top notch sound.

But remember, it's not always the hardware you're using. Microphones aren't magic. It's going to take a keen ear to find that sweet spot in the mix.

Best of luck to you. (:
5 and 5. Favorited.

Six-String-Ally responds:

Thank you for these suggestions!!

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Bye Steve Bye Steve

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Unfortunately your other reviewers are shrouded in ignorance so therefore cannot properly criticize this. Fortunately though, I will not allow my personal beliefs to stand in the way of your work.

Starting with your use of color and shading:
You have captured, quite well I must say, the fine shadow and color pigments in the skin, especially in the right forearm and some of the left side of the face.

However, the fingers (excluding the thumb) should be mostly silhouetted, and the thumb should still maintain at least some of the detail that you'd actually find on a thumb. Hold your hand up to a fluorescent light (this closely resembles the color you've used) in a well lit room. You'll notice that despite the natural lighting in the background, the bulb will cause your fingers to be mostly silhouetted and even give them a "reddish" tint.

The face certainly resembles Mr. Jobs but some of the lines for your shading are too heavily weighted, this also applies to the neck.

Where is the lighting from the Apple on his turtle-neck?

The forearm, once again, is fantastic. His overall proportion is mostly correct and you seem to have used foreshortening quite well.

But.. I can't help but wonder if the thumb is in the right place. His eyes just seem far to large, the facial hair reminds me more of a caricature than a portrait and finally, it looks like you rushed his hair.

Overall I'm giving you a seven out of ten because I understand you're not perfect. You aren't going to make this look exactly like Steve Jobs and it's quite obvious you understood that this would be a controversial topic to choose, this shows in the simple title and the almost lack of a description.

However, if you were to revisit this, I would be honored if you took some of the minor errors I noticed into consideration because I do mean well, I'm not just here to troll and bash your hard work. I truly believe that you did a fantastic job on this piece.

I hope to see much more from you on the front page my friend.

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